• Muhardi Muhardi UMPTB
Keywords: Scholarship, cluster, Fuzzy C-Means


Scholarships are gifts in the form of financial assistance given to individuals who aim to be used for the continuity of the education being pursued. Determination of scholarships can be grouped based on the criteria for a Grade Point Average (GPA), income of parents, dependents of parents and student achievements in the scholarship recruitment process.

Fuzzy C-Means algorithm is an easy and often used algorithm in grouping data because it makes an estimate that is efficient and does not require many parameters. Several studies have concluded that the Fuzzy C-Means method can be used to group data based on certain attributes.

The application of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in determining scholarships is grouped into three clusters namely receiving, being considered and not entitled to receive scholarships, data collection is 75 student data obtained by three clusters based on the average value of scholarship determination then each cluster is classified based on which criteria are prioritized with the largest value at the end of the distance is a cluster that receives scholarships, while the cluster with the smallest value is a cluster that is not entitled to receive scholarships.


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