• Sidik Rahmatullah STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi
  • Kevin Aditya Pratama



School officials of bandar lampung is one of educational institutions jln lived at. Panglima polim no 2a , segalamider - bandar lampung. Vocational high schools bakti that is done routinely main bandar lampung has the goal in an attempt to improve services in the assessment of. One of the ways enough to make it is promoting the creation of a kind of a good examination systems.There are quite discernible obstacles that will emerge if on vocational high schools bakti that is done routinely main, Namely the implementation of the test management, assessment and scheduling, still use manual way and have not computerized, this may cause activities the process of the delivery of information.Hence did a research for the purpose of improving the system that is in smk bhakti main bandar lampung by replacing system test manual with computerized.
The model used is what is the model object oriented with the methods waterfall system development. Phases of the development of consisting of engineering and modeling an integrated information system for, it is anticipated that analysis the needs of software, a design, encoding, testing and maintenance of .The technique of data collection namely in a method of observation, the interviews and the literature study. Systems are believed to be do our tests student data in connection with the management user, a menu, and disputes and strife about civil servants recruitment and examination scheduling.
With dirancangnya computer based examination systems, teacher can force a class on the test they are capable of carrying portable and handy it was directly find its outcome that can be used by a tutor to make decisions and save the file the exam results to live securely in the by in terms of value dikomputer without the accumulation of file paper the exam results as you turned away before.


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