• Muhammad Taufiq Hidayat Universitas Panca Sakti Bekasi
  • Ali Mulyanto


Diseases suffered by laying hens will cause a decrease in egg productivity and cause mass death in some cases. Therefore, an expert system is needed to diagnose laying hens disease which can reduce losses due to slow handling in the disease diagnosis process. In diagnosing laying hens disease, an expert system is needed that can identify the diseases suffered by chickens based on the symptoms that occur. In this problem, the method used is the certainty factor method. In dealing with a problem often found answers that do not have full certainty. Uncertain results are caused by two factors, namely uncertain rules and uncertain user answers to questions posed by the system. Expert systems often analyze available information with phrases such as “possibly”, “likely to bear”, “almost certain”. To accommodate things like this, the certainty factor (CF) method is used to describe the level of expert confidence in the problem at hand. Certainty factor refers to a measure of certainty against a fact or rule. From the results of the diagnosis carried out using the certainty factor method, it shows that the confidence value is above 70%. The certainty factor method is suitable for use in this expert system for diagnosing laying hens.


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