• Merri Parida STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi
  • Ahmad Basori Ali STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi
Keywords: Extreme Programming, UML, PHP


The teaching and learning process that is currently running at SMK Nusantara 1 Kotabumi is still conventional, namely the teacher delivers subject matter, assignments, quizzes, collection of assignments in class and each subject is only held a few meetings a week with limited time. The purpose of this study is the application of the extreme smart school programming method at SMK Nusantara 1 Kotabumi to overcome various problems faced by the SMK Nusantara 1 Kotabumi. The design of smart school software at SMK Nusantara 1 Kotabumi uses the extreme programming method which includes four stages, namely: (1) planning; (2) design (design); (3) coding (coding); and (4) testing (testing). The smart school system design uses an object-oriented modeling language, namely UML (Unified Modeling Language). The results of this study are the creation of an online learning system model so that the interaction between teachers and students can be done anytime and anywhere to improve the quality of education and accelerate the delivery of information to students and parents about the development and achievements of each student. This can support learning in schools and create an effective and efficient and paperless learning culture / environment.


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M. Parida and A. Ali, “PENERAPAN METODE EXTREME PROGRAMMING SMARTSCHOOL PADA SMK NUSANTARA 1 KOTABUMI”, Jurnal Informasi dan Komputer, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 38-47, Oct. 2020.

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