• Rustam Rustam
  • A Yanda Febry Pangestu
Keywords: Japanese dictionary, extreme programming, mobile android.


The dictionary is a kind of book that explains the meaning of words and translation, but the development of the digital era the use of dictionaries is only limited to physical books. With the Android-based offline dictionary made it easier for users and students with limitations on the internet network and also makes it easier for beginning users.


From the above problems, the authors designed a Japanese android based mobile dictionary application using Applybuilder / MIT Inventor. The system development tool used is the Unified Modeling Language (UML) using use case diagrams, activity diagrams. The system development method used is extreme programming, which has the advantage of faster system development and a more responsive development process to the needs of students or users. Data for this research were collected through observation techniques, interviews, and literature study. The data used is derived from the population and sample consisting of students and users.


The results of the study obtained by the Japanese Android mobile dictionary based application program. With this system students / users can easily get results from translating Indonesian into Japanese and vice versa without having to use it manually


Download data is not yet available.


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