• Erlin Elisa
  • Rika Harman
Keywords: Selection, Datamining, C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm.


Indonesia is a country that upholds democracy in its government. One form of democracy in Indonesia is to hold an election (General Election) once every five years. Elections are not only carried out at the central government but also to the regional government and even the government where we live. The existence of community institutions aims to accelerate an orderly, safe and prosperous community. This research was conducted to classify the criteria for the selection of candidates for RW (Rukun Warga) candidates in an area in the city of Batam, the problem that has occurred so far is the process of selecting or determining prospective RW heads. which must be used as a basis for determining candidates, as well as voters do not know clearly who is elected or may vote on the basis of just knowing the candidate, so that the actual purpose of voting for the RW chairman is not achieved. In the selection of citizen participation is very necessary but not all residents participate in this event, of course this raises problems after the vote, many of the residents who do not know who the RW is chosen to do not know the background of the leader in their housing, besides the candidates RW chairman did not conduct a comprehensive socialization of the future vision and mission in community development, this situation led to complaints from the community such as when making an election they did not vote based on good criteria to be the deputy leader where they lived. Based on the above problems, the researcher will use a data lamination technique with C4.5 algorithm which aims to classify the criteria of prospective RW heads so that they can make decisions about the determination of RW candidates. Based on the results of the C4.5 calculation by applying the decision tree criteria expected by the community to become the candidate for RW leader who will be chosen with the highest gain value is to have a vision and mission as a candidate, have a level of solidarity with the proud and have a good leadership spirit.


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